Networking Like a Boss Lady with Emily Merrell from Six Degrees Society - Episode 004


Would you dare walk up to your celebrity crush on the street and start a conversation? For episode four, we spoke with the ultimate networker, Emily Merrell, the founder of Six Degrees Society. Her business is the business of networking!

Six Degrees Society was inspired by the need to create a non-judgmental, safe space where women aren’t defined by their looks, work experience or economic status, but rather by who they are. Emily wanted to offer women the opportunity to connect on personal and professional levels while taking the guesswork out of networking with curated matches.

During this episode, we focused on our networking fails (including one with Ashley Judd) and triumphs. We also talked about how women feel uncomfortable talking about their accomplishments and what we can do to remedy this outdated cultural conditioning. 


  • How Emily’s sassy charm helped her meet the man of her dreams. 

  • The ultimate and super embarrassing networking fails with Ashley Judd and Tonne Goodman. 

  • HOLA Nacho! The time Emily met her celebrity crush Nacho Figueras.

  • What Emily learned working for Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch. 

  • How Emily’s uncertainty about her career path led her to the creation of Six Degrees Society. 

  • How she created the curated match philosophy for her business. 

  • When we keep looking for our big idea, yet we’re already sitting on it. 

  • The benefit of friends that step in to help you succeed. 

  • The ah-ha moment she had at her high school reunion. 

  • Leaning into the desire to feel proud and create freedom. 

  • Putting the jingle back in the mingle, what to do when you dread the holidays and networking. 

  • Changing the conversation around women and bragging. 

  • What mostly everyone thinks about networking…

  • Emily’s thoughts on a proper handshake. 

  • The weird wave. Emily guides us on the better way to greet other women in a group. 

  • Hear Emily’s best celebrity impression!


  • Make plans to attend a party, gathering, or networking event and take the initiative to introduce yourself to two people. 



Not many people would consider taking the leap of faith from a thriving New York fashion career into the mysterious world of networking, but Emily Merrell, founder and CEO of Six Degrees Society, did just that and quickly discovered her true calling. Since hitting the New York City market in 2014, Six Degrees Society has been quickly gaining clout in major cities across the United States, now with ten chapters including Washington DC, San Francisco, Atlanta and Boston among others.

Emily spent close to seven years in fashion marketing and events. The now entrepreneur graduated with honors from Denison University in 2009 with degrees in Spanish and Communications and immediately began her career in Buenos Aires, where she managed public relations and marketing for the country’s Cultural Concierge. Over the course of her career, Merrell has worked for leading fashion names such as Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Club Monaco and INTERMIX.


Six Degrees Society


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