Genealogy and Why You Matter with Jaclyn Wallach - Episode 003


In episode 3 of The Daring Kind, host Nicole Hernandez has a meaningful conversation with Jaclyn Wallach about family lineage. If you’ve ever expressed a desire to know more about your personal history, this is the episode for you.


  • How we can prove you matter through genealogy!

  • Why Genealogy is not just names and dates.

  • Could a panic attack or an illness be your body’s way of telling you that you’re not living according to your soul’s purpose?

  • Listening to the intuitive whispers that don’t often seem practical. 

  • When genealogy allows for us to feel connected to someone in the distant past even through our shared physical features. 

  • Discovering the “Do You Know…” Scale by Dr. Marshall Duke.

  • {Y}our Connecting Conversations and getting started in thinking about you and your family history. 

  • Ancestral Trauma: What is it?

  • The surprising joy Jaclyn found during her trip to Poland. 

  • You’re not alone in feeling shame. 

  • Looking to your own family for strength during chaotic times. 

  • How to address your family lineage when there’s someone who did some unsavory things. 

  • Epigenetic /cellular memory 

  • Understanding what you’re really learning from genetic testing like 23 & me. 



{Y}our Connecting Conversations is not just a guide on how to start (or to go even deeper with) learning about your lineage and history, but a key to unlocking parts of the reason why You're Supposed to Be Here. The guide includes 20 thought-provoking questions to get the what-could-be-awkward-yet-exciting conversations going with your family (or friends), tips to getting the most out of your conversations (and keeping them for generations!) and answers to frequently asked questions. 


Stories that Bind Us

Family Stories that Bind Us


Jaclyn Wallach is a Genealogical Researcher & Storyteller who believes we are ALL supposed to be here. Jaclyn is a proud member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Through experience, online trainings and conferences, Jaclyn has built her skills as a genealogist.  With a keen eye for researching and a heart for creating authentic connections, Jaclyn guides her clients to weave their family story through genealogical research in a way that reveals there's more to us than meets the eye. We each have a lineage and family that came before us (and even after us) in order for us to be exactly who we are today.  


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