How to Network from Your Sofa with Diversity Strategist & THE LinkedIn Ninja Yai Vargas - Episode 017


Since the spark of human existence the curation of community has been essential for existence. We no longer require a tribe to physically hunt and gather for our next meal. (Thank goodness!) Community is still one of our most valuable assets. Your network can provide the pathway to your next job or opportunity.

In today’s fast-paced, digitally wired world, we often get caught in the busy cycle, and networking takes the backseat. However, LinkedIn is making a comeback as the best resource for professional networking and strategic alliances. For episode 17, we chat with Career & Diversity Strategist Yai Vargas. She’s also been called THE LinkedIn Ninja and hosts workshops to help individuals harness the power of the platform.

During this conversation, we cover everything from the importance of diversity in business to tips for maximizing your LinkedIn profile.


  • The importance of diversity for creating more connections for your business

  • Doing it for free in the startup phase. Finding the mutual benefit of barters when a company can’t pay you for your time

  • How networking changes the game

  • How to network from your sofa if you’re shy or simply don’t have time for in-person networking events

  • Finding the mutual benefit

  • Getting authentic (but still professional) on LinkedIn

  • The easy-peasy, low-effort tactic that will help you become a thought leader on LinkedIn.


  • Go LIVE on LinkedIN with no planning. State who you are, what you do, and what drives you.


Yai Vargas is a Career & Diversity Strategist. She's a consultant for organizations that are invested in the career & leadership development of their diverse workforce. With a background in multicultural marketing strategy and communications, she has led programming for ERGs and develops innovative, dynamic and hands-on workshops for the betterment of our diverse & evolving workforce.

She is also THE Linkedin Ninja and founder and CEO of The Latinista, a national network of women and Latina professionals invested in career & leadership development. She currently manages chapters in New York City, Miami, and Chicago.


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