Work Like a Woman with Emily Cassel - Episode 015


Ladies! Do you feel like your brain, body and business aren’t in sync? The way we work was created by men and for men. However, as more ambitious women are moving up the ranks and starting their own companies, we haven’t really stopped to consider if the existing structure supports a woman and her unique needs. In this episode of The Daring Kind, host Nicole Hernandez chats with Emily Cassel, a business and leadership coach for women, about how to work like a woman. 

Will you dare to consider a new approach to business and being? Listen in!


  • Emily’s time at Chatham University and why she thinks all-female environments are important for leadership development. (8:30)

  • How Emily started her coaching business while working for a local magazine. (12:29)

  • Letting go of the status and certifications in order to truly pursue what feels fulfilling. (16:25)

  • The narrative Emily’s mother ingrained in her throughout her childhood. (19:03)

  • Demystifying the masculine and feminine energy. (19:40)

  • The best way to begin honoring the feminine energy within you. The 28-day cycle vs. the 24-hour cycle. (24:08)

  • Four primary phases of the menstrual cycle and how they relate to your brain chemistry and your natural efficiency. (25:38)

  • The misconception that we should only work from the masculine or feminine energy. (27:33)

  • How to tap into both masculine and feminine energy.  (28:09)

  • What’s the cost of running on predominately masculine energy as a woman. (31:22)

  • Finding compassion when you are fatigued by the masculine structure. (34:00)

  • A deep dive into compassion as a solution for our selves, others and our work. (37:01)

  • Where is the boundary when it come to having compassion for others. (43:43)

  • How to find your personal triggers! (46:00)

  • Where to find Emily and how you can work with her. (52:24)


  • Carve out an hour (or two) to have as a blank space. Get curious about what would feel like fun or what excites you right now. Allow yourself to practice tapping in your feminine energy.


Emily Cassel is a Leadership + Business Coach for ambitious & high-achieving women entrepreneurs across the globe. Through private + group coaching, a high-level mastermind, and gorgeous retreats, Emily helps women leaders to shift out of “hustle” mode and into a state of freedom, flow, and fulfillment so that they can launch, scale, and grow the soul-led businesses that make powerful impact and profitable income. Emily is also the host of the podcast, Sexy Soulful Success, where she facilities visionary conversations with women entrepreneurs & leaders that re-define success and womanhood for modern-day change-making women.

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