Everything You Need To Know About Hypnosis with Shauna Cummins - Episode 014


Look into my eyes! You are now under my control. The truth is…There’s a lot of confusion around hypnotherapy, and each day, you likely spend a portion of your day in the same trance state that makes hypnosis so effective. It’s absolutely natural, and you can learn to harness the power of hypnosis to create real change in your life.

For episode 14, we had the pleasure of speaking with Shauna Cummins, who is a kick-ass hypnotherapist in New York City. She not only sees individual clients, but she’s traveling the globe to host Wishcraft workshops. Plus, she’s started the Divine School of Hypnosis at Maha Rose in Greenpoint.

Listen in because we chat about everything you need to know about hypnosis!


  • Shauna’s first encounter with hypnotherapy

  • The irrational fear many of us face when we consider seeing a hypnotherapist

  • From social work to shoes, Shauna’s career path prior to hypnotherapy

  • Dispelling the myths around hypnosis… (You don’t have to cluck like a chicken unless you really want to.)

  • Explaining the spectrum of suggestibility

  • What is trance state?

  • Uptrance and downtrance - How it’s used in everything from politics, sports, movies, and even Tony Robbins events!

  • What is Wishcraft and how does it differ from a typical hypnotherapy session?

  • The techniques used during hypnosis. Understanding the shapes, colors, snaps and more.

  • Does hypnotherapy work if you accidentally fall asleep?

  • The MOST common problems among entrepreneurs and creators… (Guilty of this one!)

  • Shauna’s favorite daily ritual. Before bed, choose three things you’re grateful for today.


  • Reach out to someone you really appreciate in your life, and tell them why you appreciate him/her.


Shauna Cummins is a Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner. She received board certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2012. She has worked for over ten years as an artist and entrepreneur in NYC and abroad. As a hypnotist she uses an integrative approach, utilizing creative visualization, neuro-linguistic programming, meditation and energy psychology, that works to help her clients transform old limiting patterns into new positive ones, allowing for a more expansive relationship with their best self.

Shauna has a practice of hypnosis that she can trace back to a young age. In her childhood experiences with unexplained illness and stressful hospital stays, she intuitively utilized the imagination for self-healing that, she believes, worked to help her overcome various illness.

Through her practice and after working with thousands of clients, she has seen her clients have success using hypnosis for everything from training for marathons, starting a clean water non-profit in India, getting significant job promotions, finding love in their 90's, acting on worldwide tours, and overall increasing their self-worth! Her clients are a source of huge inspiration for her, constantly proving that with intention, focus and awareness we really can bring our intentions into action and hypnosis is one of the quickest most natural tools to do that!

She holds a private practice in NYC and is a resident healer at Maha Rose, Brooklyn. She regularly teaches classes in NYC and Europe, in 2016 her work as a hypnotist and artist was showcased at the Center for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Scotland, The Ace Hotel, NYC Mediums Residency, Apexart and the Queens Museum of NYC. Shauna is a founding member of Obonjan, a healing, art and music island in Croatia. In 2015 her work as a hypnotist was featured in the JETBLUE documentary, Humankinda.

To learn more, visit http://www.shaunacummins.com.

Instagram @thewishcraft

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