7 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Your Business with Nicole Hernandez - Episode 013


For episode 13, we are doing things a little differently. I wanted to spend some time with you and get daringly honest about what you need to know before you ditch your day job and start a business.

Truth be told, there’s a whole lot of hype around the benefits of starting your business, but no one seems to be talking about the obligations and responsibilities. No one is talking about managing cash flow. No one is talking about the beginning stages of startup life.

Don’t get me wrong… Starting my own business has been really amazing, and there have also been major moments of uncertainty and anxiety. I want you to have the whole picture because I think honesty is necessary and truly daring.


Nicole Hernandez, Host of The Daring Kind


  • Why you should think about serving — FIRST

  • How to sustainably start and build

  • The reality about cash flow and financial matters

  • The one habit that can change your business and your life

  • How to plan for the ups and downs

  • Reality check: Are you trying to force your friends to become your customers?


  • Take it all in!

Cole Hernandez