Success in the Stars with Celebrated Astrologer Rebecca Gordon - Episode 010


What if you could sync up with the stars to really know success in your life and business? Perhaps, following the stars sounds a little daring, but here at The Daring Kind, we're always up for exploring our options. In episode 10, we chat with Rebecca Gordon from In her 13 years as an astrologer, she has co-authored Your Body and the Stars and collaborated with major fashion brands like Agent Provocateur and Chanel. Rebecca is also the resident astrologer for Harper’s Bazaar.

During our time together, we discussed how Rebecca bravely followed her calling as an astrologer and also how she helps entrepreneurs navigate their transits and the dreaded Mercury in Retrograde.


  • How Rebecca’s interest in astronomy and psychology led to astrology.  

  • What she said to Astrologer Susan Miller that changed her life at age 24. 

  • Discussing Rebecca’s Instagram feed! Here she examines the charts of icons and celebrities. We dig into Oprah’s chart. (Hello Aquarius!)

  • Seeing trauma in the chart and how this creates potential for depth and healing.

  • Discussing the meaning behind the natal chart’s Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus.

  • Navigating changes in our lives and business, and allowing this change to be seen as alchemy.

  • Finding your strengths, challenges and your role in business through astrology.

  • How entrepreneurs can organize their lives and launches with the stars. 

  • Looking at your chart in business. Is astrology more potent than Strengthfinder and other personality tests? 

  • Giving yourself permission to be the true you via astrology.

  • Dispelling the myths around Mercury in Retrograde!!!! (You need to hear this at 43:50!)


  • Create an affirmation based on a quality related to your astrological sun sign that you want to emphasize. Example: The Pisces sign is known for being initiative. So my affirmation is “I am intuitive.” Declare your affirmation on Instagram Stories. Tag @rebeccagordonastrology and @thedaringkind.


Rebecca Gordon (Siri Radha Kaur) is a celebrated astrologer, renowned author, presenter and founder of the 13 year running My Path Astrology School. She is also the resident astrologer at Harper's Bazaar and a regular guest on the Dr. Oz Show From healing astrology readings to inspiring international retreats, classes, workshops, and conferences, Rebecca and her vibrant practice have helped thousands over the past 15 years align with their true life path. She has been gifted with the ability to translate cosmic symbols into everyday wisdom that is as transcendent as it is practical and actionable. 

To learn more about Rebecca’s 1:1 sessions, workshops, events and programs, head to

Rebecca’s Instagram


Rebecca’s favorite book, Cosmos and Psyche

Rebecca’s book, Your Body and the Stars

Rebecca’s upcoming program, Astrology for Entrepreneurs.

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