the daring kind


The truth is so many of us make all these excuses for why we can't take action, or why we can't fully show up for ourselves. We spend time in over-thinking, over-giving, and over-consuming information.

What keeps us stuck -- chicken shit syndrome! (That's a real thing.) And no one is immune.

After Google-stalking Richard Branson and interviewing other brave entrepreneurs, authors and creators, guess what I learned?

Everyone is afraid! Everyone experiences anxiety and fear as they step towards their deepest desires. The answer is to DARE.

A dare allows us to stretch beyond the edges of our comfort zone, and that's where the magic lies. This is where real change is made -- in your brain. A dare a day, keeps the excuses away.

Each time you take a little daring action, you get a hit of dopamine (that’s your natural feel good hormone stuff), and you also build new evidence for a new thought pattern, for a new belief system. You shift your "I'M SCARED" to "I'M BRAVE".

No years of therapy. No drama required. Through DARING, we actually change who we are!

I’ve created The Daring Kind as a place where you can drop in for inspiration and proof via interviews and stories that this new way — works. Along the way, I'll be giving you more support. Think of me as your Daring Kind coach to support you in mindset, entrepreneurship, marketing and more.

I’m really excited that you’re here. The game has started. It’s time for you to dare.


Stay daring!

Nicole Hernandez

Host of The Daring Kind



Let’s do this!