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i’m nicole hernandez.

It’s a pleasure to meet you! I know if you're here, we're part of the same tribe - the curious and optimistic doers.

I’ll let you in on a little secret from the start.

I always thought of The Daring Kind as the people who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro or jumped out of airplanes planes with a smile. However, as I’ve ventured on my own path, people started telling me I was brave. (Meeee???)

After “achieving” a VP marketing title and the obligatory six-figure income, I was given notice that the company was downsizing. Paycheck, gone. Healthcare, gone. Yet, I was relieved. I toyed with pulling together a new resume, but nope, couldn’t do it. My body said, NO WAY! I listened. My chronic stomach pain vanished in a week after I made the decision to go for it!

So, I started a boutique digital storytelling agency, Pink Graffiti, in May of 2017. I chose to give myself the chance to FINALLY explore my soul’s calling as a business owner, a storytelling strategist, a content creator, and an intuitive marketer. (And now, a podcast host. Oh yes!)

People were fearful for me in the beginning. Isn’t it strange how we are taught to play it safe? We even have sayings to reinforce this “safe” behavior like, “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Fast forward.

In giving up the fear…okay, actually…I wore fear like a freaking wilderness survival backpack. I slowly learned to put it down. (I pick it back up upon occasion because I’m human.)

I gained 1000x more than I lost. Freedom! I got my time back. I take long walks in the morning. I dance during the day. I wear red lipstick and sleeveless blouses because I make the rules, not HR. I gained the opportunity to travel for weeks at a time. I gained a crazy amount of insight about my patterns and habits. Oh…and I outpaced that “safe” VP salary very quickly.

I hear a lot of people say, “I want to do X, Y and Z,” and then they get excited for a week and never follow through. You know why? FEAR.


fear suffocates possibility.

And yet, it’s so very human.

Sometimes, fear is even helpful; it makes us pay attention.

I felt called to launch The Daring Kind podcast because I wanted to create a platform of possibility for those who are still daydreaming of starting their own business or becoming whatever it is they long to become. I also wanted to make this journey freaking fun. I mean, if Sir Richard Branson can screw it and just do it, so can we! (He’s my hero, btw. If you know him…hook a girl up!)

I’m learning that life is more fun when “we dare.”

In fact, a dare is the best way to expand the edges of your comfort zone. There’s no overthinking. Just go!

As I interview and dig in a little deeper with those who have dared greatly in their lives and businesses, I’m also uncovering the belief patterns, habits, philosophies, and practices of leaders. And...my hope is that each episode will act as an activator, motivator and mentorship towards helping you dare to live greatly!


Let’s do this!