The podcast for creators, visionaries and entrepreneurs that dare to create their own path.

it’s time to



Tap into the power of play.

Shake off fear while you shake things up. Innovate with heart.

Say hell no to the status quo.

Be the change.

Become The Daring Kind.

I’m betting you’re here because a part of you knows that if you want to be more impactful in the world. THIS requires that you step out of your comfort zone. Deep inside you know it’s time for you to call up your courage; it’s time for you to blaze that trail. It’s time for you to be daring.

That all sounds really good…

But dang it! It’s like you’ve been on the almost-made-it-merry-go-round for years. Just as soon as you move forward, your mind goes into overdrive. You stay up all night obsessing about your last Instagram post. “Ugh. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that I like watching Hulu’s ‘Harlots.’” You’ll hide your ideas and your passions because you’re afraid people might judge you.

The flip side of this… You’re also kind-hearted and sensitive. You’re the first one to call your friend on her birthday. You’ll donate money to support your colleague’s Facebook fundraiser page. If you saw a child roaming around a store all alone, you’d stay with him until you located his parent. You’re like Mother Teresa. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit much!)

You’re an empathetic leader, and you're exactly the kind of person that the world needs, right NOW! So we've gotta get you out of your head and into the world leading from your heart like a superhero. Because you will do your things for the betterment of humankind.

Hmmm. But how?

By daring!

Taking tiny dares, consistently, can radically change your life. You can go from feeling “meh” to “magical” in less than 100 days.

What if life was all just a game? And you just need to dare to play!

Let me show you how.

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be brave with your life.

Check out the daring downloads when you’ve got chicken shit syndrome or a case of the not good-enoughs.




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